Top variants of roulette online and best strategies to win

There are many versions of roulette online. Which one to choose?

Different versions of roulette

European Roulette Gold (Microgaming)


This popular version of roulette for free online from the company Microgaming uses a wheel with a single zero and has a good return to the player (97% – 98%). The game is played the same as in standard roulette; The difference lies in the graphics of the game, which is amazing, and the winding effect of the bulb.

Roulette European (real-time game)

The most popular RTG roulette game is the European Roulette, which has one zero and a smaller edge of the house. Apply the standard rules.

French Roulette (Playtech)

french roulette playtech

Roulette variant Playtech has a table layout in French, and betting options are distributed in a variety of ways compared to other variants. The game has one zero and edge house 2.7%. The minimum rate is 0.1 units, and the maximum is 20 units.

Roulette Royale (Microgaming)

This popular Microgaming roulette combines traditional European style roulette with a progressive prize pool that wins if you hit a row on the same number. There are also smaller jackpots with the same number two, three or four times in a row.

American Roulette (BetSoft)

american roulette betsoft

This online roulette game for real money has single and double zeros and 36 numbered pockets. It has a slightly higher edge of home than in the case of European roulette, but the game plays very well and has the highest quality graphics.

Here are two different online Roulette strategies that will help you win

In the Roulette you can draw conclusions, specifying ways to rotate the wheel. Although it is difficult to indicate how to win the Roulette every time, you can gain experience and start to notice some similarities to the winning Roulette system.

roulette system

Although the system based on these patterns cannot be sustained scientifically, the more you play, the easier it will be to strategically arrange your bets.

How to get experience while playing online roulette, you can adapt the approach to bets depending on previous performances.

If you increase the stakes proportionately for each time you do not win, you will increase your chances of winning during the next round. Although this strategy is not sustained scientifically, if it continues to double the betting or somewhere close, then if you win, you will be able to remedy the previous losses.

To win the Roulette, it’s worth trying out the strategies or try a combination of both to ensure a win.