Facts and myths about online casino sign up bonuses

Online casino sign up bonuses always look very nice. The casino, just like any business, will go out of their way to show off the bonuses from the very best side, while all the details will be hidden in the fine print.

Do not accept any sign up bonuses before you read this article to the end. Here we will uncover the truth and nothing about sign up casino bonuses.

Online casino sign up bonuses – what’s the difference?

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First, you should know that online casino sign up bonuses come in various forms. Sometimes you need to make a deposit, sometimes you are given a bonus for free. Well, it is never fully free, is it? But no matter what, remember that you CAN skip bonuses and simply play your own game.

5 Facts about Casino sign up Bonuses

1. All bonuses have requirements set

Bonuses are not equal but to take out any bonus, you will have to complete certain wagering requirements.

2. You must make a deposit

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No deposit bonuses means that you get some money to play after you register. But you will need to make a deposit eventually.

3. Casino games matter

You will be asked to wager your bonus a certain number of times. But that could mean that you end up wagering 100% on the slots and the 1000% of wagering on the roulette. This is because casinos use a factor called ‘weight’ where each $1 wagered on slots will fully contribute to the bonus wagering. But, for the same bonus, $1 wagered on lower edge games like blackjack and roulette will contribute only 10%.

4. You have to be quick

Maybe as a player you want to take things slow. Maybe you simultaneously play at several casinos because one has better live casino games, the other has a mobile app. It’s not something you can do as a new player because most bonuses have 24 – 48 hour limit until expiry.

5. Virtually all free spins have a limit on maximum withdrawable win

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Online casino sign up bonuses are not some eternal wells of cash. In fact, almost every bonus you get will limit the amount you can get. Usually, it’s set to €50 or €100, but rarely any higher than that. most

The key myth about sign up bonuses

There are no free bonuses. You can find great bonuses but they are never free. Can you extend your ply if you get a bonus? Yes. Can you build a bankroll from playing casino games? Yes, if you have the patience and focus to search for the best bonuses.

Bonuses are neither good nor bad. But what they are certainly not are gifts. These are trades. So, when you accept a bonus, think about it in terms of what you will have to do in exchange of the cash they give you.